Student Tutorial And Recreation Program -- A partnership between Oakland Avenue Presbyterian Church and Ebenezer Elementary School.

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Founded in 1994, Student Tutorial and Recreation Program or STAR is a program that offers after school academic assistance to first through fifth grades students who are pre-selected by the administrators at Ebenezer Avenue Elementary school. The purpose of the program is to provide activities that support and encourage success in the earliest grades.

The STAR tutors, snack helpers, and van drivers are all volunteers. In total, between 40 and 50 adults work within the program. Retired educators, business people, college students, and grandparents are some of the people who volunteer. All tutors are trained and supported so they are able to feel confident while working with the children. In other words, you do not have to be a teacher to make a difference for these children.



On Thursdays, the program serves 24 first through fifth grade students. Students are met by adult volunteers at dismissal time from school. The group walks the few blocks from Ebenezer Ave. to the church.

At the OAPC,  all the children are fed a snack and converse about their day with their tutor. After snack, the older children are released to the Student Center with their tutors to begin the individualize study session. The younger children hear a story or do a musical activity and then they too are released with their tutor to begin working at individual locations within the church proper.

At 4:00 a bell rings, all materials are gathered, and the children assemble to board the two church vans that will take them directly to their homes. Once the vans leave, the tutors depart for their homes, knowing they made a difference with a child that day.

There are also days when we may do a special activity with the children. In past years, one of their favorite activities was decorating a 12 inch “gingerbread” kid sugar cookie a wonderful church member bakes for each of them. We also provide an opportunity for a Bethelwoods camp experience so we take the children as a group to see the camp in the Fall and again in the Spring. Fun is had by all on those days.

If your are interested in joining the dedicated people who help make the STAR program successful, contact Barb Penny: or Kate in the church office.

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Last Published: May 1, 2019 11:37 AM