Mark Adams & Miriam Maldonado Escobar Adams

Mark Adams is a mission co-worker with the Presbyterian Border Ministry Frontera de Cristo in Agua Prieta, Mexico, where he has served since 1998. Through Frontera de Cristo, Mark brings together people from both sides of the border, building relationships and understanding.

  • As U.S. coordinator of the bi-national ministry Frontera de Cristo, Mark is responsible, in partnership with the Reverend Angel Valencia of the National Presbyterian Church of Mexico, for the coordination of the six ministry areas of Frontera de Cristo

    • Church development

    • Health

    • Family counseling

    • New Hope Community Center

    • Mission education

    • Just Trade Center

  • Mark is responsible for introducing the Just Coffee program to Oakland Avenue Presbyterian Church.

  • Miriam and Mark have been instrumental in the development of the ecumenical group called "Healing Our Borders/Sanando Nuestras Fronteras," in which Frontera de Cristo is active.

  • Oakland Avenue Presbyterian Church supports the Adams' mission through prayers, active interest in their programs, selling Just Coffee, and the Missions Committe's annual budget.

Doug and Elaine Baker

Doug and Elaine Baker are Mission Coworkers to Northern Ireland. Doug Baker has been under appointment as a PC(USA) mission worker since 1979 and Elaine Baker since 1985. Though their roles have changed over the years of their ministry in Northern Ireland, their ministry has always served the cause of peacemaking and reconciliation. Oakland Avenue Presbyterian Church supports the Baker's mission through prayers, concern, and the Missions Committee's annual budget.
Click here for a Video of the ministry of the Bakers

  • In 2005 Doug was asked to serve as regional liaison for Ireland and the United Kingdom. In this role, he facilitates Presbyterian Church (USA) support for programs, relationships, and activities involving partner denominations and agencies.

  • Doug continues in the role of site coordinator for the PC(USA)'s Young Adult Volunteer program in Northern Ireland.

  • Young Adult Volunteers serve in communities of need at sites in the United States and abroad. In Northern Ireland their roles include work with at-risk young people through - Youth clubs - Youth drop-in centers - Youth tutoring programs - Working with women's and senior citizen's groups - Assisting congregations to develop youth fellowships and other ministries

Drs. Bernie and Farsijana Adeney-Risakotta

Bernie Adeney-Risakotta, PhD, came under appointment as a mission co-worker for the PC(USA) in 1991, and he has served continuously since then. Farsijana Adeney-Risakotta, PhD ("Nona"), came under appointment in January of 2003.
Click here for a video describing unique aspects of this ministry in Indonesia.

Click here for an article from Presbyterian Mission (June 28, 2016) by Dr. Bernie Adeney-Risakotta: "Seeking Unity in God's Mission -- Are Muslims and Christians Enemies?"  

  • Bernie grew up in a mission family in China. He is professor of ethics and social sciences at Duta Wacana Christian University in Yogyakarta, on the island of Java in Indonesia. He teaches ethics, theology, philosophy, and social science in the graduate program in theology at the university. His students are mostly pastors and professors from all over Indonesia.

  • In addition to his duties at Duta Wacana, Bernie also teaches philosophy and social science at the State Islamic University and at the national university (UGM).

  • Farsijana is senior researcher for Duta Wacana's Center for Research and Social Service.

  • In the late 1990s, Bernie and Farsijana built a home in an all-Muslim neighborhood. Their home serves as a center for community outreach and hospitality. It is called "Pondok Tali Rasa," and at any given moment it is shared with several other people of both Muslim and Christian faith.

  • Learn more about their work in the community -- click here.
  • Oakland Avenue Presbyterian Church supports the Adeney-Risakottas' mission through prayers, active interest in their work, and the Missions Committee's annual budget. 

Cindy and Les Morgan

Cindy and Les Morgan have been Mission Coworkers for the PC(USA) since 1989. They serve as advisors for health ministries. They help churches reach out in the name of Christ through ministries of health and healing among some of the poorest people in the world. They help strengthen congregation-based outreach to the sick, assist in planning and implementing community health programs addressing the root causes of disease, and advise on patient care at mission hospitals.

  • Click here to learn more about the Morgans' ministry.

  • Oakland Avenue Presbyterian Church supports the Morgan's mission through prayer, activie interest, and the Missions Committee's annual budget.

Last Published: November 29, 2018 12:23 PM